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The TN Visa program, under the United States, Mexico Canada Agreement(USMCA), is a streamlined solution for U.S. businesses experiencing labor shortages. This program uniquely caters to Mexican and Canadian professionals, allowing them to work in the United States on a temporary basis.

  • Specialized Professional Categories: Covers a range of professions, including engineering, healthcare, and science.

  • Efficient Process: Generally quicker and less complex than other work visas.

  • Renewable Status: TN visas are temporary work visas granted initially for three years, but can be renewed providing flexibility for ongoing employment needs.

  • Application Assistance: Navigating the TN visa process for Canadian and Mexican professionals.

  • Compliance and Renewals: Ensuring adherence to NAFTA regulations and assisting with visa renewals.

Businesses in sectors like technology, healthcare, engineering, and more can fill critical roles with qualified professionals from Canada and Mexico.

Utilize the TN Visa program to effectively address your staffing challenges. Contact us for expert guidance on integrating international talent into your workforce!

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